Why doesn’t ScanSnap have TWAIN drivers?

ScanSnap was created to deliver ease of use through a simple one-touch scanning experience. We are often asked, “Why doesn’t ScanSnap have a TWAIN driver?” To get a better understanding of why ScanSnap does not have a TWAIN driver, let’s discuss the purpose of TWAIN drivers and how they relate to ScanSnap. TWAIN driven scanners are typically used with specific software applications that actually require a TWAIN driver in order to allow the scanner and software to “connect” with one another. It is like the bridge that enables back and forth communication between the scanner and software. In some cases, users might want to initiate scans from within a software application (TWAIN), as opposed to sending the documents from the scanner to the application.

TWAIN driven scanners are more complex in terms of usage and generally require users to be “hands-on” through all of the scanning steps. This may include manually selecting whether documents need to be scanned on both sides (assuming the scanner is a duplex scanner), setting thresholds for dropping out blank pages, and selecting colour options among other scan settings. This process may not sound too difficult, but for users who are unfamiliar with scanning, a simpler and more easy-to-use device might be a better option. ScanSnap was designed without the TWAIN driver in order to provide a more streamlined scanning experience with the push of a single button.

ScanSnap isn’t just scanner hardware; it represents the whole user experience, specifically for those looking for a simple and efficient scanning solution. When purchasing a ScanSnap, users receive everything they need in the box. It comes packaged with an installation disc that includes all of the necessary drivers and software for ScanSnap to operate. After following a few steps to install ScanSnap, your scanner will be ready to use! The default scanning settings provide users with the easiest possible scanning experience. Using TWAIN, users have to do the majority of manual setup edits while ScanSnap does it automatically.

ScanSnap has automatic features that include page detection of documents as small as A8 and up to A4 which will allow you to scan mixed batches and will crop the documents into PDFs or JPEGs. It also has automatic colour detection and automatic blank page deletion so that you do not have to manually delete unnecessary blank pages. ScanSnap also fixes most mishaps such as skewed pages on the fly without you having to interfere. The included software should be sufficient enough to organise all of your digital documents. It includes ScanSnap Organiser, ScanSnap Receipt, CardMinder and ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap to OCR your documents.

Overall, ScanSnap provides users with a simple and efficient way to organise and store documents digitally without sacrificing high-quality resolution. If you have a need for a TWAIN driven scanner, you might want to check out our Fujitsu fi Series and SP Series document scanners.

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