URGENT NOTICE FOR MAC USERS: Serious Issues Affecting PDF Creation and Editing on macOS Sierra May Cause Permanent Data Loss

Note: ScanSnap operating on Windows PCs are not affected by this issue

We have discovered critical problems with ScanSnap applications running on macOS Sierra which may lead to irreversible data loss in the scanned PDF file in very specific circumstances. We are working with Apple and our engineers to rectify this problem as quickly as possible.

If you are updating your Mac computer to macOS Sierra while using ScanSnap, FCPA strongly advises that you:

  1. Make read-only backup copies of your PDFs that were previously created with ScanSnap applications, and
  2. Do not use ScanSnap applications or modify existing PDF files created with ScanSnap on macOS Sierra until a fix is made available

This problem is our highest priority, and we are working diligently to provide a fix. We will provide a solution to this issue as soon as possible, and continually update this page to reflect new information as it becomes available.

Models affected

All ScanSnap models

Problems found by our investigation

  • PDF scans made in the Black & White (B&W) format that are subsequently modified in macOS Sierra may be unexpectedly converted into the Colour format, increasing their file size.
  • Black & White scanning in the A3 paper-size format (double-letter) using the “Excellent” image quality mode (1200 dpi resolution for B&W) and merged together using the Carrier sheet or other merging or book correction features in ScanSnap may be saved as blank pages.
  • When images are exported to an application through Quick Menu on macOS Sierra, the images may be displayed as blank pages on the preview screen of the application.
  • Some pages may be deleted when Merge Pages feature in ScanSnap Organizer is carried out.
  • When duplex scanning is performed on business cards, data on the back side of the scanned cards are not imported to CardMinder.


Since these issues are related to the PDF engine embedded in macOS, there is no full workaround available at this time. We will update this page when a fix is available.

To avoid accidental data loss in the interim, we recommend opening files using ScanSnap Organizer Preview only.

If you do use other applications to open PDFs, be mindful to exit those applications without saving any changes until a fix is provided.

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