Start your spring cleaning with ScanSnap

Spring time is just around the corner and for many people spring cleaning is somewhat of a tradition. Lots of us not only struggle with cleaning windows and washing curtains, but also with dusty folders and albums full of pictures, drawings, documents and contracts. But you can easily get rid of these with the assistance of a ScanSnap. It helps to save space and make documents easier and faster to find. Here are some ideas of items you can digitise in your household:

  1. Photos

Once digitised, photos can be stored more easily and shared between friends and family – and imagine how handy a tablet or laptop will be compared to heavy photo albums at the next family party.

  1. Old newspaper cuttings

Many people collect newspaper cuttings about sporting events, amateur theatre performances or voluntary work. But as time passes, newspaper cuttings can become yellow. Scanning cuttings and storing them in digital form is a great way to prevent this problem.

  1. Training and study material

Almost everyone has a box full of documents from school, university or a training course which is taking up valuable space in the home, but that we find ourselves reluctant to throw away. Scanning these documents means we can still access them whenever we need to while at the same time freeing up precious storage space.

  1. Postcards

Few people want to throw away the nice holiday greetings they receive from friends and family on vacation, but cardboard can become bent and folded over time. Scanning your postcards protects them from wear and tear and preserves them for your future enjoyment.

With these handy tips you are ready to begin your spring cleaning! Once you are finished with all the hard work we hope you enjoy a lovely spring time!

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