ScanSnap Receipt step by step

ScanSnap Receipt gives users the ability to organise and store all of their receipts in one place. Take advantage of the wireless mobile ScanSnap iX100 and ScanSnap Receipt software in order to enter and track all of your expenses right away. We have now provided the ultimate solution to rid you of receipt clutter! Just install the latest ScanSnap software update to use ScanSnap Receipt.

The ScanSnap Receipt application is on our Quick Menu. There are three overall ways to store your receipts via ScanSnap Receipt software:

  1. After scanning your receipts using your ScanSnap scanner, you can choose the ScanSnap Receipt application as it appears on the Quick Menu.
  2. If you choose not to utilise the Quick Menu, you also have the option to default the scanned receipts to ScanSnap Receipt by changing the settings on the ‘Applications’ tab.
  3. You also have the option to drag and drop previously scanned PDF/JPG receipts, even if they were not scanned with a ScanSnap scanner.

Within ScanSnap Receipt, the receipts are automatically organised and stored in ‘My Inbox’. Other inboxes can be created as well.

ScanSnap Receipt also gives users the option to edit receipts. In the case that the OCR feature is unable to read a particular word or monetary amount on a crinkled receipt, users are able to highlight particular areas within the receipt and select which editable field to place it in. After editing a receipt, it will be stored under ‘Checked’. When there is not a need for editing a receipt, it will be placed under the ‘Unchecked’ area.

Combining and splitting receipts can easily be done when scanning double receipts. If you want to combine receipts, simply highlight the rows you would like to combine, right click, and select ‘Combine’. When this is done, the amounts on the receipts will automatically be summed up, including the tax. You can also split the receipts by right clicking on the receipt and selecting ‘Split’.

Last but not least, ScanSnap Receipt gives users the option to export receipts to a CSV, PDF or JPG file. This is quite helpful during tax season in order to prepare your receipts in specific file formats. It is a tool that can assist users to quickly and efficiently get their receipts and finances organised all in one place!

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