PC Pro magazine reviews the ScanSnap SV600 – five stars!

“Its innovative design makes the ScanSnap SV600 the most versatile contactless scanner on the market” – that was the verdict given by PC Pro magazine!

In the article, the journalist Dave Mitchell praised the scanner for its speed and image quality, and its key features such as:
•    The clever depth-of-field calculations to scan and correct curved pages on books up to 30mm thick
•    The ScanSnap Manager, which runs in the background and pops up when you hit the scan button
•    Its ability to detect multiple documents, separating them into individual images and applying anti-skew measures

Overall, the scanner was given five stars – and the features and design got six stars! PC Pro even gave the ScanSnap SV600 its “Recommended A-List” award logo.

Click here to read the full review.

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