MicroBizMattersDay 2017: a global event with ScanSnap

MicroBizMattersDay is an annual, international networking event now in its third year, dedicated to micro business owners. The conference, taking place on January 13 in central London, and organised by the Enterprise Rockers’ co-founders – Tina and Tony – brings to life “recognition, action and learning” that allows micro business owners to share their experiences. It also offers exclusive insights into the impact that these entrepreneurs make on the global economy and provides opportunities to watch seminars, interviews and workshops with top industry experts.

The event is being broadcast live; a number of guests will join online from several different countries with a common goal: making a huge global statement and impact for “everyone, everywhere”. ScanSnap is proud to support MicroBizMattersDay as part of our commitment to empower small businesses, by helping them to boost their office efficiency through easy-to-use technology.

Look out for us on the day, we will be running demonstrations for the ScanSnap iX500 and iX100 mobile scanner to guests in the Green Room. You may also get to see us on the live feed!

Further information can be found on the following link: http://microbizmattersday.rocks/

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