How switching from flatbed scanner to ScanSnap is saving me time at the office

Well to start off, I started at my current company as a junior accountant. They had me doing everything from shredding to scanning. The only was that their scanner was a flat bed, which was horrendous to use. It would take me hours to scan a bank statement PuTTY SSH public key , front and back. My CFO (Chief Financial Officer) came in one day and asked if that’s what I’ve been using to send documents to him, and I shyly replied “yes”. He asked how I managed to scan double-sided documents for him and I explained that I would scan the front side first, and then the backside, then manually put the scans together in a .PDF. He was blown away that: 1. We still had flat bed scanners, and 2. That I would waste so much time just to scan one document. He then decided to upgrade me to the ScanSnap S1500, the same model he uses in his own home office. Since receiving this scanner I can’t think of a day that I haven’t used it. It has saved me so many hours of scanning and archiving documents. It takes anything I throw at it too. Folders and notebooks full of documents ready to be scanned, business cards, photos, receipts, newspaper clippings, and even magazine articles. Since going with the S1500, we are trying to go completely paperless.


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