How digitisation will help your start-up to succeed

Have you got a great business idea and want to launch a start-up? Digitisation is essential to help your business to succeed from the very start. We’ll tell you how it works!

  • Digitise your documents from the start to rid yourself of paper and ink expenses. As a new business, following a digitised approach to information capture will be even easier for you, as you won’t need to digitise archives of materials from years back.
  • Make your database the central interface of your start-up! Scan all your documents and file them directly. It’ll save you trips to the copier and time waiting for documents to be printed.
  • Make the digital office a part of your business plan! That way your goal to digitise your business is right before your eyes from the start.
  • Send digital documents! Simply send concepts and presentations via email to your customers. You won’t just save money for printing but also for posting! If you get physical documents via post, scan them and save them to your database.
  • Educate you r employees! Tell them about efficient and energy saving office management from the start. Talk about it in meetings, put it into circular emails and be available if there are questions about the paperlite office.

Do you already lead a successfully digitised start-up and have tips that aren’t mentioned here? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter!

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