Great Britain’s future architects test the ScanSnap SV600

The Architectural Association School of Architecture is based in London and a world renowned educational facility. Over 600 undergraduates and postgraduates study here to become the best young architects in the country.

Unsurprisingly, the students have a high requirement to scan heavily image-based journals which can be thick and bulky. Although adequate scanning facilities were already in place, student feedback on the two older style scanners currently installed in the library was that they were very slow and the quality of the image was variable. Students also found that too many steps were needed to get to the final scanned image, and that once an electronic image had been produced, the bundled software was difficult and awkward to use. The scanners also took up a lot of desk space due to their large footprints. There was a demand for further scanning facilities as the existing scanners were heavily used.

The ScanSnap SV600 proved to be the perfect scanner for the future architects. “The SV600 is just so much quicker at scanning multiple pages and with its one-button operation, it couldn’t be easier for students to use” says Eleanor Gawne, Librarian at the AA. “Its small footprint saves so much room on the desk and its page-turn detection is fabulous when scanning full journals.”

The students had the chance to test the scanner for two weeks and afterwards lamented its loss, wanting to have it back. As a result, the library has since permanently installed a ScanSnap SV600.

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