10 pieces of advice for Small Business Owners

Are you thinking of starting a small business of your own? If so, we would like to share some pieces of advice:

  1. Keep your mind open to finding an unmet or under-met niche demand in the industry that you are passionate about.
  2. Find a mentor; get appropriate legal/tax advice before starting the business. Hire a good lawyer, insurance person and accountant, so that you can stay focused on your ambitions.
  3. Read about and network with other small business owners before printing your business cards and setting up shop. You can learn from their successes and their failures.
  4. Prior to launching your business, create a business plan with a strategic marketing/advertising plan and utilise cloud technologies to simplify business operations.
  5. Connect and network from the get-go; get the word out and get in front of potential clients.
  6. Surround yourself with other self-employed people – you can help each other and you’ll have a strong network to bounce ideas around.
  7. Treat each client as you would want to be treated.
  8. Employ hard workers who are loyal and honest.
  9. Keep up with technology – it can help streamline and simplify.
  10. Continue your visibility in as many ways as possible. Always reminding your customers of your availability will aid your efforts in branding.

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