What to do when you lose your ScanSnap software or your computer doesn’t have a CD drive

Are you having trouble finding your ScanSnap software to install on your new computer? Do you have your software CD but no CD drive in your new machine? Fortunately, we have you covered! There are two very easy ways to get the software you need without using a CD or a CD drive.

The first is to visit the ScanSnap support website for drivers and downloads.

Step 1: Once you have arrived there, select the model of ScanSnap scanner you own.

Step 2: Then choose the operating system currently running on the computer you want to use with your scanner.

Step 3: You will then want to download ScanSnap Manager and fill out the request form for the rest of the software.

It’s three simple steps, and all you need is your scanner’s part number, serial number, and your name and email address. The part and serial numbers are located either on the back or bottom of your scanner depending on the model you have. After you submit the request you will receive an email with instructions that cover how to access the software downloads for the setup programs. Here is the link to the downloads request form.

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