What can OCR do for you?

If you thought the editable functionality behind scanned documents was magic, you’re not entirely correct, though it does seem to have that “how did you do that” feel to it. Actually, those functions are powered by OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, tools that are designed to let you do more with your paperwork once liberated into the digital realm.

OCR, by that name, has a long history, reaching back nearly 80 years, and has evolved into many forms across several fields of use. Simply put, the Optical Character Recognition functionality in the ScanSnap family of scanners serves several purposes, including:

  • Providing operators a way to make their scanned PDF files instantly searchable
  • Converting paper-based materials back into editable Excel and Word files
  • Extracting contact information from stacks of business cards
  • Automatically embedding important keywords into PDF scans

This OCR transformation takes place during the scanning process when puttygen ssh , along with the image of the document, the typed-text is analysed and converted into metadata that makes accessing your digital paperwork faster, effortless and with far greater efficiency. Ultimately, OCR helps to provide a better way to manage your digital content.

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