Using the auto rotate feature on your ScanSnap

One of the great time saving features of ScanSnap is Auto Rotate, which automatically turns scanned documents to the proper orientation.  It’s especially helpful for documents that are scanned upside down or in landscape orientation, since they cannot be recognized properly.  Here’s how to use Auto Rotate on your ScanSnap: 

Open the ScanSnap Manager settings.  Click on the “Scanning” tab, and click on “Option.”

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like using the ScanSnap Manager Settings on the S1500:

Using the Auto Rotate Feature on Your ScanSnap_Scanning Option Tag

Check “Allow automatic image rotation,” click “OK” and ScanSnap will automatically rotate your documents. If you do not want to use the Auto Rotate feature*, simply clear the “Allow automatic image rotation” checkbox and click “OK.”

Using the Auto Rotate Feature on Your ScanSnap_Auto Rotate

Certain documents may not be suitable for Auto Rotate. See examples below. In those cases, turn off Auto Rotate in the ScanSnap Manger settings and load the documents in their proper orientation.

  • Documents with only a few characters of 8 to 12 point size
  • Documents with many extremely large or small characters
  • Documents on which the pitches between lines or characters are extremely narrow, or characters are overlapped with each other
  • Documents with many characters touching underlines or borders
  • Documents with many outlined or decorated characters
  • Documents with many photos or figures and few characters
  • Documents with characters on patterned background
  • Documents with characters printed in various directions (e.g. plans)
  • Documents written using only capital characters
  • Documents with handwritten characters
  • Documents with faint characters
  • Documents that look patchy

*When you are scanning to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, keep the Auto Rotate feature turned on. Note that when CardMinder is selected in the “Application” tab, the “Allow automatic image rotation” checkbox is greyed out. Also, when Scan to Print is selected in the “Application” tab, the “Allow automatic image rotation” checkbox cannot be set.

For more information about Auto Rotate, consult your S1500 user guide here (PDF). See instructions for Windows (page 159) or for Mac (page 272).

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