The surprising cost of managing paper documents

In considering the move to the paperless office, many people in business still believe it is too expensive, both in the time it takes to scan and organize digitised documents, and in the technology needed to secure their work and make it easily accessible.

In fact the opposite is true. Once a company adopts scanning and electronic filing, it can recoup its costs for document storage, handling, and retrieval within a short period of time. Electronic filing also eliminates long-term document and storage costs.

Professionals spend over 500 hours annually reviewing and routing files and waste another 150 hours looking for incorrectly filed documents (Source: International Records Management Council Study). Both of these efforts can be associated with the cost of time – the time it takes to find a document or the time to ship a physical document from place to place, multiplied by the high rates a professional charges.

Several scanners allow you to scan up to 50 documents at once, in a stack of paper that may include equipment or restaurant receipts, business cards, clippings, in addition to invoices and correspondence. Anyone can learn to do this without special training.

Easy access to information helps you provide better service to your customers and clients. And the savings to your business by eliminating off-site storage can be counted in rental and handling fees, and in the valuable employee and management time spent searching for and retrieving documents.

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