Store your Christmas cards by scanning them

Every year around this time, dozens of Christmas cards begin to pile up in your home – from your faraway aunt, from your best friend and from your old neighbour – and they all look lovely on a sideboard or shelf.

But once the festive season is over, what do you do with all those cards? Do you fling them in some drawer and never look at them again or do you throw them away with a guilty conscience? Instead of facing the same dilemma every year puttygen , take the easy way out and scan your cards! That way you can keep them forever without them taking up any space in your drawers.

Use a carrier sheet to make sure no harm will be done to those cards you consider precious or just put them under a ScanSnap SV600 and only light will touch them!

The ScanSnap team hopes you receive many beautiful cards and wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a snappy New Year!

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