ScanSnap SV600 wins Mac Observer’s Editors’ Choice Awards at Macworld/iWorld

We were in attendance at this year’s Macworld/iWorld with a plethora of other companies that were showcasing everything from hardware (like us) to mobile applications and accessories. Considering the breadth of products at the show we were really thrilled to receive a great nod to the work we’ve done with the SV600 from Mac Observer in getting one of its Editors’ Choice Awards.

Mac Observer said:

“Fujitsu’s ScanSnap SV600 turns document scanning on its end — literally. Instead of plopping your documents on a glass plate and closing a lid, which doesn’t exactly work well with books, the SV600 holds its scanning element sits on an arm and looks down on your pages. It automatically detects page edges, supports colour or black and white scanning, can remove distortion from the bend in book pages near the spine, and can scan a full spread in only three seconds.”

We’re very much honoured by the acknowledgement by Mac Observer and appreciative of the Mac community of passionate users that have and continue to take interest in how we can help them achieve a paperless lifestyle and improve overall productivity in their personal and working lives.

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