ScanSnap SV600 helps bring drawings to life in “Sketch Aquarium”

Since the release of the ScanSnap SV600 in September interesting use stories have been trickling in to us. Many of the stories have been interesting uses of the product but this one really caught our eye.

The RYUBO department store in Okinawa, Japan recently hosted an exhibition called “Learn and Play with teamLab Future Park!”. The exhibition was full of different activities that encourage children to create through collaboration. Our favourite exhibit was the “Sketch Aquarium” which let the youngest of ocean aficionados create their own fish and release them into an aquarium.

Children were given a picture of a fish that they got to colour and then they used the ScanSnap SV600 to scan their image. The captured image of their fish is then dropped into the “Sketch Aquarium” where the child can watch their original creation swim around with the other fish.

Looks like fun!

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