ScanSnap iX500 –“your new friend in the workplace”

The ScanSnap iX500 has been recently described as “your new friend in the workplace” by Inspect-a-Gadget for in a recent user review.

Inspect-a-Gadget uses their review post to detail the benefits of the product as well as to showcase a video demonstrating the business card scanning functionality! You can view the video and read their full review here.

So what did Inspect-a-Gadget say about the ScanSnap iX500? The review concludes with this closing statement which addresses why it is indeed a new friend in the workplace: ”The ScanSnap iX500 should be a staple piece of equipment for the office desk, perfect for the individual who does the most scanning, such as a secretary, and due to the wireless features, anybody in the office with a tablet can also easily access the joys of ScanSnap.”

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