ScanSnap Apps


Evernote  Collect ideas, inspirations and other important information at one central location. With Evernote it’s even possible to search for printed or handwritten text within pictures.


SugarSync  With SugarSync your data is always available. Protect your data, enjoy easy access and sharing – always, immediately and secure from every PC, Mac or mobile device.


ScanSnap Connect für iPhone oder iPad  With the ScanSnap Connect Application paper documents go directly to the iPhone or iPad after scanning them with the ScanSnap.


ScanSnap Connect für Android  With the ScanSnap Connect Application paper documents go directly to the Android device after scanning them with the ScanSnap.


DEVONthink  No matter whether it is just a short note, a simple text or even a website, picture or PDF file, the DEVONthink software can process nearly every format. The DEVONthink database arranges documents hierarchically and connects them with hyperlinks.


The Rack2-Filer Software offers you a personal document management system. The user interface is as intuitive as taking paper files out of a bookshelf, turning pages or using Postit notes.


Worldox is a classic document management solution from World Software. Worldox stores and manages scanned documents as fully text-searchable files – instantly retrievable – in just a few simple steps.


smartdoc™ is an intuitive and easy-to-use document management solution. A tool developed with the user in mind. Features are automated archiving, easy approval flows and smart integrations with other applications such as ERP, CRM or BI.