Scan-to-Kindle: How to get paper documents on your Amazon Tablet and E-Book Reader

Do you need space in your book shelf? Any tomes that you want to get rid of? Before you throw them out, why don’t you scan them and store them directly on your Kindle. Thanks to the ScanSnap Connect Application for the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Scan-to-Word function, you can have books and all other paper documents like newspaper articles, scripts or letters on your Kindle. This is how it works:

1. With Amazon Kindle Fire:

You can download the ScanSnap Connect Application for your Kindle Fire for free from the Amazon Appstore. This way your scans land directly on your Amazon tablet. If you are using a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 you do not even need a PC or a Mac.

2. With other models of the Kindle:

It is not just the Kindle Fire that allows this function. For all other Kindle models follow these steps:

  • Select the function Scan-to-Word and scan your paper documents.
  • Keep open the produced word file after scanning and send it directly to your own Kindle email address. (Don’t know your Kindle email address? See below!)

How to find out your own Kindle email address:

  • On your Kindle go to “E-mail address” in menu under “Settings / Device options / Personalize your Kindle”.
  • If you want to have the email addresses displayed via your PC or Mac puttygen ssh , then log in to Amazon. Go to “Your Account / Account settings / Manage your Kindle / Personal Document settings”. You will find your Kindle address here.

  • The Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet shows your email address via the settings symbol.

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