Rack2-Filer smart organises digital documents into a virtual file cabinet

Thanks to Rack2-Filer Smart software you can store and archive your digital documents in a virtual file cabinet. Digital folders can be stored in local networks, or in cloud services like Dropbox or SugarSync, so you have access anytime, anywhere. Access can also be mobile through the Rack2-Filer Smart apps for both iOS and Android, which are available free of charge.

Applying the Familiarity of Paper Management Habits to the Digital World

Rack2-Filer Smart presents you with a classic filing cabinet to make it easy to navigate. You can arrange electronic binders to display their spines to easily find and work with your digital documents. Each of the six rows may contain up to 42 digital binders, which in turn provide space for 500 pages. In all, 20 file cabinets are available and offer you room for more than five million digital pages that you can manage far more easily than dealing with reams of paper. You can share data with your family, friends or colleagues over a local network or via cloud services, and tools such as the index or the memory function help you to organise stored pages. It also supports open keyword search, making it easy for you to find documents within the binders.

Digital Binders for iOS and Android Devices

The Rack2-Filer Smart app enables you to carry your digital binders with you wherever you go on your iPhone, iPad or Android-based mobile device. You can import a virtual bookshelf to the mobile device via a Wi-Fi network for display, searching, editing and adding comments. The Rack2-Filer Smart apps are available for free download at Google Play  and iTunes.

Perfect Match: Magic Desktop and Rack2-Filer Smart

All Deluxe versions of ScanSnap come with both the Rack2-Filer Smart and Magic Desktop software. The Magic Desktop application enables you to collect digital data from different sources, like photos taken with iPad/iPhone or an Android device or threads from social media networks like Facebook. You can also move graphics and documents to a virtual desktop clip board where you can categorise, organise and edit them for particular projects. Magic Desktop clip collections can be saved to Rack2-Filer Smart binders, too.

Rack2-Filer Smart is available at a price of 157 GBP. A version that includes the Magic Desktop feature is available for 171 GBP. The upgrade from the previous Rack2-Filer version costs 63 GBP. A trial version can be downloaded here.

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