Paper-lite holidays thanks to ScanSnap!

Are you planning to enjoy the summer in warmer climes? Did you ever notice how much paperwork remembering important holiday documents can bring?

The solution: scan your travel documents!

Take the stress out of travel by following these steps:     

  1. Make a list with your most important documents like your ID card, your passport and your driving licence. If you’re travelling by car, remember insurance and vehicle registration documents. Other important documents could be:
  • Health insurance documents
  • Travel tickets such as plane, bus or train tickets
  • Hotel reservation
  • Travel route and itinerary
  • Visa if necessary
  1. Scan these documents so you can access them while you’re away. Check the scans: is everything clearly readable? Can codes and numbers be deciphered easily?
  2. Don’t forget to protect your data. Using the ScanSnap Manager you can password protect your PDF files while scanning them.
  3. Play it safe: Don’t just save your encrypted data on your smartphone but also in a cloud file. Additionally save them to a USB stick. And if you’re taking a tablet with you there surely is some space for your scans on it.

Secured like this you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about the paperwork.

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