New to ScanSnap? Start here with answers to FAQs

Just in case you don’t know where you start with your new ScanSnap model, we’ve outlined some common questions and scenarios that you might look for guidance in. Check them out! 

1. Make sure you do not connect the scanner to your desktop when you first install the ScanSnap Manager software. Once it’s installed, we recommend getting familiar with its main features. To do so:

  • Right click on the ScanSnap Manager icon on your toolbar at the bottom right of your screen.
  • With the Quick Menu box unchecked at the top left corner, under the ‘Save’ tab, you have the option to choose a location to have all of your scanned documents be saved to every time you scan your documents.
  • If you choose ‘Scan to Folder’, under the ‘Application’ tab, you’re able to browse and pick a specific folder for the scanned documents to be stored in. You also have the option to change the file format as well, by clicking on ‘File Name Format’.

2. Through the ‘Scanning’ tab, you’ll be able to change the image quality, colour detection or if you want to scan only one side vs. both sides of a document. You also have the option to automatically delete any blank pages by selecting the ‘Blank page removal’ box. The ‘Continue scanning after last page’ option allows you to scan more documents than the total amount of paper allocated in the automatic document feeder.

3. Under the ‘File Option’ tab, you’re able to choose if you want to save your document as a PDF or JPEG file format. You’re also able to set your OCR features under this tab. OCR, also known as Optical Character Recognition, will give you the ability to search for keywords or phrases for the documents that you scan.

4. The ‘Paper’ tab assists with the size of the documents that you’ll be scanning. For example, you can scan documents as small as business card size. Leaving it on Automatic Detection will allow ScanSnap to automatically detect the different document sizes. If you’re using a carrier sheet, you’ll also be able to change your settings through this tab.

5. The Quick Menu allows you to easily send and save your scans to different locations. It is meant to be a time saving tool that will display all of the applications that you can choose from, including ‘Scan to Folder’, ‘Scan to Email’, along with other application options.

Once you get familiar with the ScanSnap Manager software, the rest is just a push of a button. Simple and easy!

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