New fi Series scanners help companies implement professional capture

Fujitsu subsidiary PFU (EMEA) Ltd. introduces two new fi Series document scanners operating at 40 pages per minute (A4, colour, 200/300 dpi; 80 images per minute duplex): the Fujitsu fi-7140 and the fi-7240 with integrated flatbed unit.

Supporting diverse business processes, they offer professional grade document capture to the desktop. These cost-efficient scanners offer high-end features for reliable document capture such as GI processor, automatic mechanical skew reduction, intelligent paper protection and ultrasonic multi-feed detection, to ensure that paper is handled with maximum care and the best possible images delivered to the business processes. Like all the members of the Fujitsu fi Series family, the fi-7140/fi-7240 models feature PaperStream software which has been designed for high quality image processing and enhanced batch scanning

GI processor and high-end paper protection

The fi-7140/fi-7240 introduce the reliable document feeding features of fi-7000 Series models at 40 pages per minute:

  • GI Processor: The powerful GI processor supports delivering high-quality and auto-corrected digitised image data from any document, which is later available in JPEG, PDF, searchable PDF format or as editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.
  • Skew Reducer: The fi-7140/fi-7240 paper feeding mechanism automatically handles sheets of paper in a stack individually, preventing subsequent sheets to be forced into physical skew. This ensures hassle-free movement of each sheet of paper through the scanner. This Skew Reducer also works for batches of mixed document formats, providing for complete corner-to-corner document capture.
  • Paper Protection: The new scanners allow the user to scan a wide variety of paper thicknesses (27-413g/m2) in a single batch, as well as plastic cards. In addition, the paper protection function monitors document movement and automatically stops paper feeding when anomalies are detected. This results in added protection for valuable or sensitive originals. The ultrasonic sensor also prevents multi-feeding of two or more pages to guarantee that all relevant information is captured during the scanning process.

PaperStream software for high quality images

PaperStream software is included for high quality image capture. PaperStream IP prepares digitised data for subsequent processing such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and connects with common scanning applications via either the TWAIN or ISIS interface. PaperStream Capture allows users to fine tune their document workflow (including batches) at every step. Once users have scanned a batch they can verify the data, alternate orders, collect documents to a joint file, index and release to local or distant repositories, workflows or ECM systems instantly or after resuming from paused operation.

The Fujitsu fi-7140 and fi-7240 scanners will be available at Fujitsu sales partners starting September 2015. The recommended retail price is 649 £ plus VAT for the fi-7140 and 1,099 £ plus VAT for the fi-7240.

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