How to use Scan-to-Excel

Excel spreadsheets are absolutely vital in modern accountancy and many other professional and it’s likely not an overstatement to say that no other software tool is used more often to present and calculate data.

But what to do when your tables are only available on paper and you want to integrate them in your digital workflow? Use the Scan-to-Excel functionality on your ScanSnap and save time by simply following these quick steps to scan a document to Excel. 

1. Open your ScanSnap Manager by double clicking on the blue ‘S’ icon in your task tray.

2. The ScanSnap Manager will appear.

3. Ensure that the ‘Use Quick Menu’ box is checked (located at the top left corner of the ScanSnap Manager).

4. Click ‘Apply’ then click ‘OK’ after checking the ‘Use Quick Menu’ box.

5. Place the paper document(s) in the scanner and press the blue scan button.

6. The Quick Menu will appear once the document(s) are scanned.

7. Click ‘Scan to Excel’ application in the “Quick Menu”.

This creates an Excel file that can be fully edited.

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