How to use Dual Scan with the ScanSnap iX100

So, you love the portability of your ScanSnap iX100 and the fact that it fits easily in your briefcase, but when you have a stack of business cards or receipts, do you wish you could scan them faster than a single-page document feeder allows? Good news, with the new Dual Scan feature you can! Here’s how:

  • Open the bottom feeder tray of your ScanSnap iX100 to power it on.
  • Once the blue light is illuminated and the scanner is ready, load your business card, receipt, or other small document into the right or left side of the scanner’s feeder.
  • Press the blue ‘Scan/Stop’ button to initiate scanning.
  • As soon as the document is being pulled through the feeder, you can load the next document on the opposite side of the scanner.
  • Continue this pattern until all of your documents have been scanned, then press the blue ‘Scan/Stop’ button again to finish scanning. The ScanSnap iX100 will automatically detect the different document sizes and crop them appropriately.

Using Dual Scan can save you time, and if you’re impatient, waiting for each scan to complete before starting the next can be frustrating.

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