How to set-up your ScanSnap Scanner for continuous scanning

Having the ability to continue scanning once your current batch is complete can save a lot of time. Instead of creating multiple files for a large batch you can easily create a single file for your entire batch.
Here is a helpful guide on how to set-up your ScanSnap for continuous scanning. 

Step 1: ScanSnap Manager

  • Double-click on the ScanSnap icon in the task tray

  • Click on the “Scanning” tab and enable continue scanning after current scan is finished.

  • Click [Apply]
  • Close the ScanSnap Manager

Step 2: Begin Scanning

  • Load your documents in the scanner
  • Press the scan button
  • After your current batch is scanned add additional documents to the scanner and press [Continue scanning]

  • When you are done click [Finish Scanning]

It’s that simple! Now your large batch of documents has been scanned to your computer.

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