How to scan to an iOS or Android device from a ScanSnap

A reliable, fast and efficient way to go paperless is having the option to scan to your iOS or Android mobile device. With our ScanSnap software, we have made this option available to our ScanSnap users. What greater way to eliminate loads of paperwork in your office or at home than being able to scan right from your device? Scanning to mobile also eliminates the time consuming task of sitting at your desk and monitoring the scans while you can multi-task at just a push of a button. Provided here are steps to take from downloading the free ScanSnap Connect Application to getting the documents scanned and stored away to your mobile device. 

1. Download the free ScanSnap Connect Application (iOS or Android).

2. After downloading the ScanSnap Connect Application, open the application and it will ask you to connect to a Wi-Fi network, if you are not already connected to one.

3. Once you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and after opening the application, it will ask you to specify the scanner unit you are using under “Settings” (bottom left, last option all the way to the right).

4. Under “Connect to:” all the way at the top match the serial number with the serial number on the back of the scanner unit.

5. After choosing the scanner to connect to, it will then ask for a password, which is the last 4 numbers of the serial number. (I.e. serial number: iX500-A0VB088880, password: 8880)

6. The “Status” will then change to “Ready to scan”.

7. Go “Back”, place documents in the feeder, and tap the “Scan” button on your mobile device.

8. Once the document is scanned you will notice it uploading to your device. Once it is finished you will now be able to retrieve/view the scanned document.

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