How to scan and save a document onto a network drive

When multiple people need to access documents sometimes it is easiest to save them onto a network drive. Keep in mind that there are other options where multiple individuals could access scanned files, such as various cloud based applications. Using the ScanSnap to scan to a network drive is simple to do as long as you set up your scanning profile correctly. Just follow the quick steps below to save a document onto a network drive in no time.

Step 1: ScanSnap Manager

Open your ScanSnap Manager by double clicking on the blue ‘S’ icon in your task tray. Make sure the Quick Menu is de-selected. (The Quick Menu in the top left corner will not have a check mark next to it when it is disabled.)

Step 2: Create new profile

Select the ‘Profile’ drop down and click on ‘Add Profile…’

Input a new profile name and click ‘OK’

Step 3: Change scanning settings

Under the ‘Application’ tab (the first tab) select ‘None (Scan to File)’

Under the ‘Save’ tab puttygen download windows , browse and select a save destination folder on a network drive

You can also go through the different tabs and change the scanning settings to suit your scanning needs. Once you are finished, click ‘Apply’ to save the Profile settings.

Step 4: Begin scanning

Scan your documents through and they will now be saved on your designated network drive.

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