How to run OCR in different languages

OCR Language Support, or Optical Character Recognition, is a powerful tool in helping to edit and search scanned documents. What happens when you are scanning documents that were created in another language and want to keep that OCR functionality?

The ABBYY FineReader software for ScanSnap has the ability to support multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese, The steps below will walk you through how to switch the OCR language within ScanSnap Manager. 

1. Open up your ScanSnap Manager by double clicking on the blue ‘S’ icon in your task tray.

2. Then PuTTY , go to your ‘File Option’ tab and make sure you select the check marks for OCR. In the drop down menu, select which language you would like to run OCR.

Now, your documents will be searchable in the language they were created in!

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