How to rename files in the ScanSnap Connect Application on an iOS or Android Device

A great way to take your documents mobile is by using a ScanSnap iX500 and the ScanSnap Connect Application. With the touch of a button on any iOS or Android device, the ScanSnap Connect Application allows you to have your documents at your fingertips. No computer is needed so it’s great if you are always on the move or going to a client’s office. Since it stays in the application, there is no need to spend time searching your emails and downloading the file on your device. Here is a short step-by-step tutorial on how to rename your files in your ScanSnap Connect Application on a mobile device. (Note: The iOS version was used for the visual examples below.)

  1. Open your ScanSnap Connect Application
  2. Select ‘Edit’, as seen in the image below.
  3. After you selected ‘Edit’, you will see an empty circle to the left side of the file. Select the file you would like to rename and when selected, the empty circle will be filled with a white checkmark with a blue backdrop as shown in the image below.
  4. When you have selected the file you want to rename puttygen ssh , two icons on the bottom of your screen will illuminate. Select the icon that resembles a notebook and pen, see image below for exact location.
  5. When you select the text box icon, a window will pop up allowing you to rename your file seen in the image below. When you are done renaming the file select ‘OK’.

You will now see your newly named PDF on the file list.

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