How to quickly rename your file after scanning

ScanSnap for PC can be configured several ways to meet your specific needs and this tip will offer you some options related to renaming files on the fly.

The most commonly known option is to use the Scan to Folder function either selected as a profile from the tray or as an option from the Quick Menu. Either way, Scan to Folder presents the operator an interface window after the last page has fed through the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that provides users an opportunity to preview their scans, rename the file, and browse for a target destination before finally saving. 

A less commonly known option works outside the Quick Menu altogether and can reduce the number of steps as well. Since this option does not support Quick Menu, users will need to uncheck the Quick Menu check-box inside ScanSnap Manager. For the most streamlined experience, users can set the Application to “Scan to File” from the Application tab and then check the “Rename file after scanning” check box on the Save tab (of course you can create a custom profile to save these settings with a name you choose). This method allows users to scan content with as few steps as possible while preserving an opportunity to rename or change the destination of the file before saving. The “Rename file after scanning” feature will work when scanning to File, Acrobat, and Organizer and the last destination chosen remains the default destination for convenience.

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