How to perform post-scan searchable PDF creation on a Mac

ScanSnap is designed to provide users a quick and efficient way to digitise paperwork. The ScanSnap iX500 provides Mac users even more flexibility with the Searchable PDF Converter tool, allowing Mac users a convenient way to perform post-scan searchable PDF creation as well as the ability to perform background OCR. Here is a quick guide on how to perform post scan searchable PDF creation using your Mac and the Searchable PDF Converter tool.

1. Begin by launching Searchable PDF Converter.

2. Go to Preferences.

Under Processing type you can choose:

  • Text information/Keywords – OCR document and add highlighted words as keywords
  • Text Information – OCR document only
  • Keywords – Add highlighted words as keywords only

3. In this example we will choose to OCR the entire document by choosing ‘Text Information’.

4. Under ‘Options’ you can choose the OCR language as well as the option to OCR all pages or only the first page.

5. Under ‘Target files’ you can choose to include subfolders, this allows all folders within a directory to be processed.

6. You can also choose to OCR your documents immediately or when your computer is idle. This is a great way to leverage the processing power of your computer.

7. After you have made all the required changes exit out of the preference dialog.

8. Now simply drag the folder with your scanned documents into Searchable PDF Converter. Depending on what you specified in the settings the OCR process will begin immediately or when your computer is idle.

It’s that simple. Once your documents have been processed you can easily search within a document for specific words or phrases for quick and easy search retrieval.

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