How to make a scanning profile using ScanSnap Manager on a Mac

Dealing with paperwork is difficult. Even the most organized offices spend hours of precious time organizing, reorganizing, and frantically searching for important documents. If you utilize a document scanner well, it will help you fight the flood of paperwork that all businesses encounter. The ScanSnap scanners enable you to digitise and organize all of your essential files and convert them into searchable PDFs, allowing you to conduct business more quickly than ever before; however, not all documents are the same.

Just as documents differ, so do their optimised scanning settings. In order to help its users create the best possible workflow, ScanSnap Manager allows you to create a customized scanning profile to fit every scanning need. Below are the steps to creating an OCR profile using ScanSnap Manager for Mac.

1. First, hold ‘control’ and click on the ScanSnap Manager Application icon. When the menu pops up, click on ‘Settings‘ and the ScanSnap Manager menu will appear.

2. Make sure that the ‘Use Quick Menu‘ box is unchecked.

3. Go to ‘Profile‘ and click on the current profile setting to get a list from the drop-down menu. In order to create a profile with the different scanning settings, click ‘Add Profile‘ at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Name your new profile and then click ‘OK’. In this example we will create an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) profile.

4. From the ‘Application‘ tab you can choose where you want your document to be sent after the scan is completed. In this example we will choose ‘Scan to Folder.

5. To best organize your documents, go to the ‘Save‘ tab and make sure to select the location where you want your scanned documents to be saved.

6. In order to change your scanning preferences, go to the ‘Scanning‘ tab and customize it to best suit the documents that you will be scanning.

– A higher resolution means a higher image quality but lower scanning speed.
– Colour mode allows you to scan the documents in colour, black & white, or greyscale.
– Scanning side allows you to determine whether the profile will scan in Duplex (both sides of a document) or Simplex (one side of a document).

7. The ‘File Option‘ tab allows you to change the file format of the scanned documents between PDF and JPEG. It also allows you to use the OCR capabilities to create searchable PDFs.

In order to create searchable PDFs:
– Make sure that the file format is PDF (*.pdf).
– Next, make sure that the ‘Convert to Searchable PDF’ box is checked.
– Choose your OCR language. In this example we will choose ‘English’.
– Make sure that you have chosen whether you want the first page or all pages to be searchable.

8. Once all of your profile settings are optimised, click ‘Apply‘ and the ‘X’ at the top left corner to exit out.

9. Click on your ScanSnap Manager icon and a list of profiles will be shown along with the new profile that you just created. Choose the profile that you would like to use.

Now that you have a custom profile established you can quickly choose your profile and begin scanning.

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