How to export business cards from CardMinder to Microsoft Excel

ScanSnap is more than just a scanner, it’s a productivity tool designed to provide operators an efficient way to liberate their documents. Did you know that you can also scan business cards with your ScanSnap scanner? With the included CardMinder Software, ScanSnap users can easily scan business cards, extract the data and export the contact information into applications such as Outlook, SalesForce, Excel etc. This tutorial will cover the basics of CardMinder and how to export data to Microsoft Excel.

Get ready to scan:

With Quick Menu Enabled: (Quick Menu will launch after cards are scanned, allowing you to easily select a function from the Quick Menu)

1. Double click the ScanSnap Manager icon (S button) in the task-bar and a window will appear (ScanSnap Manager Settings).

2. Select Quick Menu (Quick Menu will have a check mark next to it when it is enabled).

3. Close the ScanSnap Manager settings.

4.Load your business cards in the scanner.

5. Press the scan button on your ScanSnap.

6. After business cards are scanned, the Quick Menu will launch.

7. Click on the Scan to CardMinder function.

CardMinder will launch and automatically extract the data from your business cards. Make sure that the right information was extracted. You can also modify the extracted information as needed.

Now, decide which fields you want to extract. Open the “CardMinder Options” by clicking the CardMinder icon at the top left of the application and click “Options”.

From the “CardMinder Options” dialog click “Itemized Records.” Choose the data fields that you want to export and click [OK].

Click the “Application” drop down icon and choose Excel. Now click the “Application” icon, your business card data will be exported to Excel.

It’s that simple! Now you can easily scan your business cards and export the data directly to Excel.

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