How to distribute your documents using keywords in ScanSnap Organizer on a PC

ScanSnap scanners are great tools for helping organize your documents, especially when coupled with ScanSnap Organizer. There are many features included in the ScanSnap Organizer software for your PC that comes with each ScanSnap scanner, but one of the lesser utilized features is using keywords to help distribute scanned documents. By adding keywords to documents you can easily sort them into the right folders and, as a result, save time, improve document management, and increase overall productivity.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add keywords to your documents read on.

First, go to your task tray at the bottom right hand corner of your screen; right-click on the ScanSnap icon. Next, click on the ‘Scan Button Settings’ option – this will open up your settings.

When the settings window opens, go to the ‘File option’ tab. If you cannot see this tab, click on the details button on the left side of the window. Under ‘File option’, check the box that says: ‘Set the marked text as a keyword for the PDF file’.

Next, you will need to set rules for the keywords. This means, in the future, when you add a keyword to a document, that document will go to the specific folder you have added the rule to. In ScanSnap Organizer, go to the ‘Distribute by Keyword’ option at the top of your toolbar. From the drop-down menu select ‘Change Distribution Condition’.

A window will open where you can add rules and keywords to the folder it correlates with. When it does, choose the name of the rule and the conditions/keywords (you can add up to three). After adding conditions, choose which folder you would like to move the selected keyword documents to.

Now that you have scanned your documents into ScanSnap Organizer, select the documents you would like to add keywords to. Once you have the documents selected, go to the ‘Edit Keyword’ icon on the top of the tool bar. Once the window opens click add to keywords of your choice’.

After choosing keywords for the document, select the documents that have keywords attached to them and go back to the ‘Distribution by Keyword’ icon and select ‘Distribute’. Your documents will then move from the main cabinet to the specified folders attached to their keywords.

Now you have an organized file structure and are easily able to locate and access any document simply by typing the keyword(s) into the search bar within ScanSnap Organizer.

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