How to disable ScanSnap pop-ups

While some people enjoy seeing the progress of their scans displayed on their monitor, many users prefer a more streamlined scanning experience without pop-ups disrupting their workflow. The good news is, whether you see pop-up notifications or not is entirely up to you! You can easily disable these pesky pop-ups by changing a couple of settings through ScanSnap Manager.

Start by right-clicking on the blue ScanSnap icon located in your system’s tray (found in the bottom right-hand portion of your screen). Then, click on ‘Preferences’.


You will see the ‘ScanSnap Manager Preferences’ Window appear on your screen. Unselect the boxes that say, ‘Notify of the communication status’ and ‘Show the scan progress status’. Click ‘OK’ to exit out of the window.


Right-click again on the ScanSnap icon located in your system’s tray. Click ‘Show Scanning Results’ to uncheck the selection.


Next time you scan you will not see the pop-ups that can sometimes slow down your scanning process!  

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