How to combine PDF files using Preview on Mac OSX

If you ever wondered how to combine PDF files on your Mac, here is how you would go about doing that. Combining files into one PDF document will help organize your digital documents easier by keeping all the same types of files in one location. With just a few simple steps, the process has never been easier. There are two different ways you can do this: 

Option 1:
1. Open the PDF document that you would like to combine files to.

2. When your PDF document is opened, in your view settings make sure that ‘Thumbnails’ is selected.

3. Then, drag and drop a file that you want to combine into your opened document. You are able to arrange the files in any way that you like by dragging it up or down.

Option 2:
1. Open the PDF files that you want to combine side by side. Make sure that the ‘Thumbnails’ view is enabled on both of the documents.

2. Then, drag and drop the page into the document that you want it to be combined into. You can rearrange the pages in any order that you want by dragging that page up or down.

Now your files are organized neatly into one PDF document.

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