Fast and versatile: The new ScanSnap iX500

The ScanSnap iX500 has officially been launched today. The new document scanner immediately integrates paper-based documents – from a business card to A3 sheets – into digital processes. There are other great features that the ScanSnap iX500 encompasses such as the one-touch operation and Scan-to-Everywhere functionalities.

Press the button and off you go

Insert the paper, press the blue scan button on the ScanSnap or in the ScanSnap Connect Application and documents appear promptly on the device of choice. The simple one-button operation requires no technical skills on the part of the user, an important requirement for a device that may be shared by several people.

With the ScanSnap iX500 you can quickly digitise paper documents and then share them with others as needed. You can also connect your smartphones or tablets to the scanner via the ScanSnap iX500’s built-in Wi-Fi interface. Images from paper-based documents will then land directly on the mobile Android or iOS device in PDF or JPG format.

Scan-to-Everywhere: Quick Menu offers easy access

ScanSnap users are now able to integrate third-party software into the Quick Menu with just a few clicks of a mouse. Scanned documents will then proceed directly from the Quick Menu to the desired application. The only requirement is that the third-party software must support PDF or JPG formats.

In addition, favourites are also available in the Quick Menu. The menu is now able to display selected applications or all applications.

Fast, faster, ScanSnap iX500

The ScanSnap iX500 comes equipped with a fast GI processor providing automated in-scanner image optimisation that delivers clear, high-quality images at high scanning speed of 25 A4 pages per minute, capturing both sides simultaneously (duplex). A brand new paper handling mechanism offering fast and trouble free handling of a wide range of document types.

User productivity is enhanced by automated image optimisation: The scanned documents are processed and enhanced in the scanner to provide the highest quality images, saving processing time in the tablet or smartphone.

Further ScanSnap iX500 innovations

The ScanSnap iX500 features numerous innovations:

  • The ScanSnap iX500 also features USB 3.0 support for fast data transfer to a PC or Mac.
  • The CardMinder business card software for PC or Mac generates contact data directly for address books or CRM systems.
  • The scanner automatically recognises business cards and recommends the appropriate application in the Quick Menu.
  • The scanner features intelligent functions that accelerate the entire capture process and help users become more productive. Among those functions are intelligent cropping, automatic rotation of documents which are inserted skewed or upside down, and indexing to automatically generate PDF key words for quick and easy searches.

Price and Availability

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 as well as the Deluxe version will be available at authorised PFU dealers from January 07, 2013. The price is 499 euros plus VAT and 549 euros plus VAT for the Deluxe version. The ScanSnap Connect Application is available for free download at Google Play and iTunes. The app supports a number of devices that use the Android operating system starting with Version 2.2, and iOS 4.2 upwards. You can find a list of the Android-supported smartphones and tablets here.

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