Direct Connect Mode vs. Point Access Mode with ScanSnap iX100

You may already know that the ScanSnap iX100 allows users to scan documents either wirelessly or via a USB connection to their computer or mobile device. But, did you know that when scanning wirelessly, you also have the option to scan using Direct Connect Mode or Point Access Mode? 

Point Access Mode:
The traditional way of scanning wirelessly is by connecting to a wireless access point. If you are at home or in the office, you can use Point Access Mode, which means the scanner will connect to the router that is located in your home or office. To enable Point Access Mode, you have to setup the wireless connection between your computer (or mobile device) and router through the ScanSnap Wireless Setup tool. The setup tool can be found under ‘ScanSnap Manager’ in your programs if you are running a Windows operating system or Launch Pad if you are using a Mac.

Direct Connect Mode:
The ScanSnap iX100 has a built-in micro GI Processor which allows you to use Direct Connect Mode. When the Wi-Fi switch is enables and you activate your scanner, it will begin to look for an access point to connect to. But, when it does not find a wireless network, the ScanSnap iX100 will begin to emit its own Wi-Fi signal. This way, you will be able to scan directly to your mobile device anywhere you are – whether you are camping or even in a car!

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