5 Top office productivity killers

Even with all today’s electronic tools at your fingertips, you might find that you are still behind schedule on meeting your goals because your time is spent on unproductive activities. And despite feeling counterintuitive, this is the time to evaluate how you are using your time and the tools you’re using to accomplish your “to dos”.

Below are some tips to fend off the “Productivity Thieves” and get you back on track:

  1. Clutter can get in the way of productivity. Organize your workspace and get rid of those stacks of papers to be filed. Scan them and file the digitised documents, then shred the paper. Clearing your space can help clear your concentration.
  2. Lack of storage can lead to a crowded workspace. Scanning and digitising boxes and drawers full of important documents can give you back the storage you must have for records that you absolutely, positively must retain in hardcopy and cannot shred. The digitised documents can be stored on your computer or a network.
  3. Searching for misfiled paper documents can also unnecessarily take up valuable time. Scan and digitise your documents, and let the computer do the searching!
  4. Time can get away from you and eat up productivity if you’re constantly stopping to answer e-mails or read through resource materials. If you view these tasks as “appointments,” you can assign each one with the right amount of time you need to complete it. Then you can reclaim undistracted work time for core business activities.
  5. Waiting for live responses to queries or changes from clients, customers, or colleagues can also slow you down. Use the “cloud” to your advantage for document sharing and interoffice communications. Or, focus on e-mail and networked communications to get faster responses. When a document is shared over email, IM or via a collaboration site as an attachment, your document is instantly put it in play for it to be edited and returned.

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